Generational Seeds

Our Almighty God has been sowing seeds for us through the many generations from our ancestors. These seeds have enriched our culture. We must be weary of the seeds that can cause dysfunction in our lives. Always remember to seek guidance, to prosper and continue to be fruitful. These are the seeds we’re leaving our children and all the generations behind us.



We live in such a materialistic world. We think the more we have the better we will feel. Our Almighty God created us to be humble. When we have peace within us, we are filled over flowingly. Seek happiness, love, peace and unity and you will be completely filled inwardly. #God

Sowing & Reaping / Karma

Everything will come to a full circle in due time. Whether you call it karma, or sowing & reaping, as long as you sow good seeds you will inherit a great reward. Patience and faith is a must! This will lead to a sense of a rebirth. Make sure you take time every day to pray and meditate, you must be in tune with your inner self in order to be guided from above.

Sexual Abuse

I’m sure this is on everyone’s mind. We all have stories. As a 55 yr old women my first sexual abuse was as a Co-Op Student in a law office at the age of 16 yrs old. This was a program for gifted students who worked once a week and went to school the other. I was studying to become a lawyer so this was a dream come true. It was a small law firm with 3 attorneys. Two were older men and treated me with the upmost respect. The third was fresh out of law school. He would always tell me to close the door while dictating to me. He always made me turn around to get a file. At first I didn’t realize that he was looking at my backside. After a while I became very uncomfortable and hated working there. After 1 yr and 2 summers the older attorneys offered me a scholarship to go to college and continue working part time. I said no due to Mr. Ginsberg’s behavior. I never told them why… just kept it to myself. I went on to college but ended up in the Finance world of Wall Street. My honest option is that this man destroyed my dreams of becoming a lawyer. How many of you have been affected by a sexual trauma? #whyididntreport