Love & Respect

As we are all created uniquely, we should respect & love everyone on an individual basis. We all face daily battles. #love #compassion

Como todos somos creados de manera única, debemos respetar y amar a todos individualmente. Todos enfrentamos batallas diarias. #amor #compasión



Only God knows our destiny. We must develop close communication through prayer & meditation. This will allow us to find our purpose. #god #destiny…Sólo Dios conoce nuestro destino. Debemos desarrollar una comunicación estrecha a través de la oración y la meditación. Esto nos permitirá encontrar nuestro propósito. #dios #destino

Gods Omnipresent

As I look up into the sky I realize that our Creator created this universe. Suddenly I feel like my problems are insignificant. Then I remember God is omnipresent… available to everyone every where at the same time. #god…Al mirar hacia arriba en el cielo me doy cuenta de que nuestro creador creó este universo. De repente me siento como si mis problemas son insignificantes. Entonces recuerdo que Dios es omnipresente… disponible para todos al mismo tiempo. #dios

Destined To Live

I just celebrated my 55th birthday. I’m so thankful to God for every Birthday. I have encountered death several times in my life. The first time was while my mother was giving birth to me. She had a very stressful pregnancy which led to a heart attack during labor and delivery. The doctor informed her that only one would survive. She had to choose between her life or mine. She chose me and thank God we both survived. As a mother of 4 the bond between mother and child is inseparable! N. Davila”