Solitude is not being alone … it’s being away from the noise and experiencing your spirituality.

La soledad no es estar sola… está lejos del ruido y experimentando tu espiritualidad.

My First Born David

David my first born, As you enter your 3rd decade of life it’s absolutely amazing how fast time goes by. From a young child to present you’ve always had a very good heart. As you continue to walk on your path towards your destiny, always know that your good heart is what makes you unique. Pass your kind heart on to yourself as well as everyone and everything you encounter! I love you very much!

My Daughter Noelani

My dear daughter, as you enter your journey of having another child it fills me with such joy. A bond between mother and child is unbreakable. At times it can be shakable… but that’s what makes it authentic. May this coming year be one filled with abundant joy. I love you so much. May you my son Robby and my princess Nevaeh have an awesome amazing Christmas!