No Storm Last Forever

There’s a time to let Go and trust God entirely. All we can do is pray without ceasing. This is why we must always be still to hear Gods wisdom. No storm last forever! #god

Hay un tiempo para dejar ir y confiar en Dios por completo. Todo lo que podemos hacer es orar sin cesar. Esta es la razón por que siempre debe ser todavía para escuchar la sabiduría de Dios. ¡ Ninguna tormenta dura para siempre! #dios

Gods Children

As Gods Children, we are created to live in this world as an enlightened individual. We must share Gods glory to everyone! There are no storms that God cannot conquer through us! #god ….. Como hijos de Dios, somos creados para vivir en este mundo como un individuo iluminado. ¡ Debemos compartir a los dioses la gloria a todos! ¡ No hay tormentas que Dios no pueda vencer a través de nosotros! #dios

The Light Bulb Goes Off

Have you ever struggled with a situation in your life for weeks, months even years? This was the case with me recently. The last time this happened to me was when my mother passed away and I just couldn’t understand why God allowed that to happen. After several years boom the light bulb went off and it all made sense. This happened once again this morning. Something has not been right with a certain person in my life. All the signs were there , I just didn’t want to see them. This morning BOOM the light bulb went off. There’s such a freedom that comes along with seeing and understanding the truth. This is why it’s so important to pray/meditate and always listen to that still small voice!

Letting Go Of Our Past

Let’s not let our past affect our future. I learned that we must let go of the negativity and hurtful part of our lives, and hold on to our blessings. What’s done is done! Let’s move forward and continue to grow! #life

No dejemos que nuestro pasado afecte nuestro futuro. Aprendí que debemos dejar ir la negatividad y la parte hiriente de nuestras vidas, y aferrarnos a nuestras bendiciones. ¡ Lo hecho está hecho! ¡ Avancemos y continuemos creciendo! #lavida