When we find ourselves in a dilemma we should always look for guidance from above. We also have loved ones who will give us advice. The advice may not be what you want to hear… but it’s coming from a place of love. Never feel like you’re alone. #guidance



I’ve started a tradition with my first born son whose had his shares of ups and down. Never ever give up keep climbing upwards and you will achieve your goals. I’m happy to share that at 29yrs old he’s moving on up! The moment you want to quit, is the moment you get up & keep pushing.

#endurance…En el momento que quieras dejarlo, es el momento en que te levantas y sigues presionando. #resistencia

Moms famous saying

To this day the most devastating event I’ve been through is the passing of my mother. I was only 34 yrs old. My last child never met her. I still have dreams with her and she always says “Ay Nancy don’t worry everything is going to be ok!” #comfortingthoughts

Como mi mama siempre me decira ” ay Nancy no te preocupes todo estara bien! #pensamientos