Sexual Abuse

I’m sure this is on everyone’s mind. We all have stories. As a 55 yr old women my first sexual abuse was as a Co-Op Student in a law office at the age of 16 yrs old. This was a program for gifted students who worked once a week and went to school the other. I was studying to become a lawyer so this was a dream come true. It was a small law firm with 3 attorneys. Two were older men and treated me with the upmost respect. The third was fresh out of law school. He would always tell me to close the door while dictating to me. He always made me turn around to get a file. At first I didn’t realize that he was looking at my backside. After a while I became very uncomfortable and hated working there. After 1 yr and 2 summers the older attorneys offered me a scholarship to go to college and continue working part time. I said no due to Mr. Ginsberg’s behavior. I never told them why… just kept it to myself. I went on to college but ended up in the Finance world of Wall Street. My honest option is that this man destroyed my dreams of becoming a lawyer. How many of you have been affected by a sexual trauma? #whyididntreport

Author: Daily Spiritually For A Higher Purpose

I’m a person that has faced many trials in my life. From my mothers womb till today. I live everyday with thankfulness and inner peace. I want to share my strength with others. Hope to bring strength & peace with my daily blog.

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